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Doug CarterGreat place to look up stuff. Am starting a model raiway in my basement and i plan to use as many of the rails of different eras to make the layout. ThanksJanuary 11, 2013

TrevorJust a quick note to thank you for maintaining such an interesting website. I found it while searching for a photo of the long-since-demolished CPR station in my home town of Dryden, Ontario that I hope to model in the future. I've since returned to your website numerous times just to browse.February 10, 2013

Mase Maronn I am also a Mindheim fan, having purchased and read 5 of his 6 books (I don't think "Pastels and Stucco" would be appropriate for the Niagara area. If you are going to model the southern part of the Port Colborne Harbour Railway, I'll most likely model the northern section. More info on what industry received what and/or shipped what and the types of railcars used, would be most appreciated. April 4, 2013

Gerry ColeLived 55 years in upstate New York, where I spent most summer vacations at my parents camp in Morristown, across the river from Brockville. Great train action around Brockville during the glory days of stream. GerryMay 24, 2013

C. Mason MaronnI'm interested in the PCHR and the industries (past and present)served by that railroad. This is an excellent website.June 14, 2013