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Doug ReadThank's Paul for posting the tribute to Doug Mellor...well doneFebruary 17, 2012

Joanne LynesGreat website - keep up the good work.March 7, 2012

Ron PelletierGreat site and lots of info....Thanks !!April 20, 2012

Robert J. QuinMy first visit. Well done.April 26, 2012

MartinThis brought back SOOOO many memories..I LOVE this site!!!June 23, 2012

Erin FarleyHi Paul, So happy to have found your website. I've always liked trains but this year I needed information and pictures for a project and you have both on your site. Thank you. August 5, 2012

Rob Z.Excellent site, probably the most comprehensive and specific I have found so far.August 10, 2012

Peter HardyMy father worked for the CNR for 35 years and I grew up living in or near many CNR stations throughout Ontario. We traveled all over Ontario on the trains and your pictures of the various stations bring back many memories. I have had rides in steam engines, cabooses and diesels. Thank you for all your efforts.October 17, 2012

Jay VanderloosGreat photos of the trains keep up the good work.October 26, 2012

Basil Della ValleHi Paul,I really enjoy Niagara Rails!...Thanks for all the fascinating info.!-- In 1922, my Grandmother( Libra ) and her two little boys, (my Dad Pat & my Uncle Pete) arrived at the Welland Station by Train to begin their new life in Canada. They came from Italy (the island of Ischia ) via Ellis Island, USA , and joined my Grandfather (Biagio). The former Welland Train Station on Plymouth road was always a Special place for our family because that's where their relatives met them to welcome them to their new home. Ps. Jeff,your web designer is our Nephew!..we're proud of both of you...Basil November 18, 2012

Barry TonnerAwesome site....lots of information and photos.November 26, 2012