GUEST BOOK entries from 2008

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John Weber I grew up in K-W area late 40's till 70. Interested in GRR & LE&N. Hard to find photos of industry serviced by them as most has been torn down.Thanks,I really enjoyed lookin at old stations I used to see in my youth.January 4, 2008

Rick TaylorJust went to your site and got lots of helful info. My son and I are in Port Dover and search the old train lines when time permits, we enjoy finding old stuff from the years gone tough to find where the old train lines went through places when they were claimed by landowners, we try to pick up where we think they may have gone, sometimes with success...other times it's very frustrating, but always interesting...thanks again.January 15, 2008

Michael HeartfieldI really enjoy your web site and find it very useful for information.February 9, 2008

Cody LawGreat website! I am the person who asked you about the Fort Erie frequencies about a month ago. I am only 11 years old and railfan a ton! Visit my website I live in _______ (webmaster protecting location), which is close to Welland. On your photos of the Grimsby Sub there is no longer 2 tracks at Baker Road.March 11, 2008

Chase KostiukNice work keep it up.March 17, 2008

Marcel LemalYour sperry friend from Welland. See you around.April 16, 2008

Doug BarrettGreat resource for modeling CSX Sarnia Subdivision !!!April 21, 2008


Vinnie GoughLove your site, keep up the good workSeptember 10, 2008

Rob Archer Much improved Paul. An excellent idea showing the photo credit on each picture. That will save any controversy about the origins of the pictures. I'm proud to be able to contribute to your site. Thanks for making it.October 19, 2008

Peter FreelandWhat fabulous efforts put out for this excellent web site, Thank You.November 21, 2008

Sean MurrellGood to see your still taking pictures! My son Emmett (4 months) is slowly going to follow in daddy's footsteps. I used to think it was sad to see what I missed in the early 70's and before. To think of all the things he is going to miss by the time he is old enough to remember. He's on a good start as he loves Fostoria. I'm going to be visiting your site quite a bit as I'm finally building Niagara for MSTS. As always proper credit will be given as I've sent many people over here already.November 22, 2008

Eric KJust wanted to let you know that your new site looks great.
Keep up the good work! I know you probably have put thousands of hours worth of research into it.
December 13, 2008