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Andrew BatchelorFound your interesting web site throught the Bruce Railways yahoo group. I grew up in the Orangeville area, crossing the tracks of the CP yard there at least twice daily to attend the public school. Of course, I had no interest in trains at that time (mid- to late-70s). I did however see the steam excursions occasionally, and also was in town the day they moved the station down Townline to Broadway. My home at the time was on John Street, right next to the tracks. Any chance you have any other (historic or recent) photos of that section of trackage? From south of the yard to where the tracks cross Broadway in the west end?January 6, 2006

Mark BurleyLooking at your pictures brought back many memories of my growing up in Merritton which I always thought of as South St. Catharines, not East St. Catharines as you indicate in your captions. I lived very close to the CN mail lines from Hamilton where the old NS&T high line crossed the main CN tracks by the Hayes plant near Oakdale Ave. Many was the time we crossed the CN tracks going to Merritton High School from the Glendale Avenue Pen Center Area.February 2, 2006

Joseph LischkaI have a special interest in the rail ferry that the Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway operated between Buffalo and Fort Erie from around 1857 to 1873. I live on Lakeshore Road in Fort Erie and the spur that ran from the railroad's main line to the ferry pier crossed the front of my property. When the track was taken out, the rail bed was converted to a road named Hurontario Street, which was later closed and houses were built on it. Late 19th century maps show a railroad depot on my property but I don't know when the building was demolished. If the building was still there from 1900 to 1930, it may have been a stop on the Fort Erie, Snake Hill and Pacific narrow guage (the Sandfly Express) that ran along what is now Lakeshore Road between the ferry pier in Fort Erie and the Erie Beach amusement complex. Any additional information or photos concerning the above would be much appreciated.March 3, 2006

Reg FitzpatrickI Enjoy the pix and articles from time to time on here.Being retired from CP-AC(1967-1991) enjoy the calendar photos and the engine and atation pictures.March 6, 2006

W.C. HarfordI do enjoy your web site and have used it on several instances to help answer my own questions. I find your site well organized and easy to use, keep up the good work! I will be sure to drop you a line if need anymore help.April 25, 2006

Gary TrudelHello I thought your website photos were outstanding. I've been a fan of the old PM/CO railroad forever and the photos of the old stations really bring back memories from my teenage years thanks again and keep up the fine work....garyJune 3, 2006

DonnaHi there...I just wanted to take a minute to say what a wonderful web site.Y ou have such a wealth of information on here. The time and work it must take to create and maintain a site this size must be incredible.Very well done, user friendly and informative. Thats it. I just had to tell you how great of a job you've done on here.July 21, 2006

James WillardOutstanding site. Very well organized and complete. I am a railfan from Michigan who is looking very forward to a nice trip in the Niagara region soon. This information will go a long way toward making this possible. Thank You.November 7, 2006

Pierre Bernier I enjoy every time what I find answer to my question in desiel roster aera. Photo, historic of every road number.Fast and easy work with.Great! One good reference before buyed a CN engine any model,any year. November 24, 2006

Greg RolakMy name is Greg Rolak. I would like to congratulate you on an amazing web site. Great pictures and information. December 2, 2006

Bryan FulsomGreat update to the site!December 16, 2006

Les MavorYou have a super web site.December 30, 2006