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James MancusoI think this site is much, much better than it has ever been before. Now, if you can make the track maps printer friendly, that would be great. Infact, it would enhance a most excellent website. Keep up the great work, Paul, you are definitely on THE RIGHT TRACK, pun intended.January 3, 2005

HolgerA great site with wonderful photos and information.January 8, 2005

Mark VisserThanks for the railway station pictures. I.m always on the lookout for railroad water towers and I spotted several. Once I have more information on those towers I will add them to 'Canadian Water Towers and Standpipes, If you have any other not posted tower pictures I would like to hear from you.February 1, 2005

John BonomoA tremendously awesome website, alot of hard work and dedication went into this website. I definately would recommend this site to those railway enthuanist and to those just comming out. Four stars to you Mr. D!February 11, 2005

Peter FreelandGreat site...lots of info, Thanx to MR April/05February 23, 2005

John HardingJust passing through and am very impressed.February 28, 2005

George JohnstoneAs the present owner of the Arthur (former CP) station I am constantly looking for more information and pictures on its history. We are trying to restore the outside to maintain its features and it is hard to do without pictures from the past. Sites like this one are excellent areas for us to learn from Thank You.March 2, 2005

Robert HollandsThe more things change, the more things remain the same. I am a infrastructure consultant, specializing in fibre-optics telecommunications. Thank-you for your dedication to this site. The need for broadband to the home and business, especially in rural Canada is similar to the pre-rail networks. Both require government investment. Both require rights of way. I believe that a need to revisit former rail lines, many of which have been converted from "rails to trails", now need to be looked at again, this time for elevated light rapid transit, fibre-optics rights of ways, and for public walkways and access, all shared in harmony. Has anyone done an audit of previous rail line rights of ways in Ontario which were given up or abandoned, to determine if there are now land ownership issues that would restrict and limit a reuse of these corridors for rails again?April 10, 2005

Gary TrudelVery nice page on the old c&o and caso subdivision photos are outstanding i've been a csx for ever and your info on the different areas of the system were very well reserched keep up the great work.July 24, 2005

Reg.Fitzpatrick I was Agent-Operator for 25 years with ACR and CPRAIL(1967-1992) Working in Northern Ontario during that time. Some of the station pix and loco and MW photos bring back a few memories. Keep up the good work on the website. Much enjoyed by us retired rail folks. Reg.Fitzpatrick-Bracebridge, Ontario. Better known as "the Lst Mayor of Franz". said that!August 15, 2005

Karen IonsonThank you for sharing this web page with us, Paul. You have done an excellent job.September 20, 2005

Arthur John BoykoThis is a work of art! It's informative to all young and old who view this website. Two questions that you threw on your questionaire that threw me are. What page interested you the most? Along with. What would you like to see more of? Well the whole website overall was interesting as well as educational. As time goes on as time as limited is to all of us. I would like the website to continue and, as time allows to get more infomation as well as pictures. I mentioned to one of my neighbor's about your website since his son did a school report on train transportation. You website was given high marks for keeping rail transportation in plain simple English. I also noticed your section on train stations in Ontario. At one time before around 1880 when the main line went from Port Huron to Chicago. The main line went to Detroit. The famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison also worked on the Grand Trunk between his home in Port Huron to Detroit. The Port Huron train station is under the Blue Water Bridge. Look at the depots like Prescott, Napanee, Port Hope, Coburg, and Saint Mary's ( old depot ). Strange as it is. We have some similar stations here. The only ones I know are Mount Clemans and, New Haven. Stations that were demolished in the 1970s - Columbus, in th 1980s Fraser and, Richmond. The Mount Clemans and, New Haven stations are museums. Keep up the good work! If I can help here on the Michigan side of the GT system. Let me know. November 13, 2005

Eze OwerriA very nice site,keep it up.December 28, 2005