GUEST BOOK entries from 2004

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Robin ArcherThank you for such a wealth of information!Just the other day, while thinking of what geographic region of Ontario to model (HO), a fellow club member suggested the Windsor - London corridor. Hmmmmmm. Where can I dig up the kind of detail that I need (I thought). On my first search run, I came across your website. What a treasure trove. You have certainly been able to get me off on the right foot! February 2, 2004

big_playerThanks for the guest book. I like what you have done and your goal and mission is admirable.February 26, 2004

Bill HenwoodJust found your site and havent had time to explore it fully. What I have seen so far is excellent . Keep up the good work.March 9, 2004

Rob and Alison SuttonYou have an excellent website! I?m going to enjoy looking through it when I have a bit more time.April 8, 2004

JongNice Site.June 24, 2004

Jacques S. LerouxI've worked for CN for 35 years and a major portion of my time was spent in Southwestern District dispatching and do collect timetables from different railroads. It nice to see some subdivisions that I dispatch years ago that are now only memories and never to return. Keep up the excellent work. July 7, 2004

MikeHello. my name is Mike. I am 13 and I am from New Jersey, USA. I collect railcar and locomotive numbers also. You have a very good site.November 1, 2004

Mel DartsI really enjoyed your website. Good luck in your work.November 6, 2004

Rob ClaytonDefinitely a great job on the site Paul! You have an exceptional amount of detailed information in here. An excellent site for any train enthusiast.November 24, 2004

Rob McKeeI really have enjoyed your site Niagara Rails. I am also a huge rail fan and have enjoyed the many pictures on your site. I grew up in Chippawa and moved to BC in 1986 and now live in Port Moody BC. I follow CP and CN here in the West with a particular interest in the early history of the transcontinental railway. From time to time I am drawn back to railways in my hometown area and was thrilled to find your site.November 29, 2004