GUEST BOOK entries from 2003

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Rick Duggan Excellent site. will return many times.January 12, 2003

Steve BockmasterGreat site, loved your Tracks in Ontario photos!!!!February 18, 2003

Paul DuncanEnjoyed your site!March 9, 2003

James MulveySimply the best site I have found !April 12, 2003

Adam RinneI don't see any pictures of Grimsby. I wish to see more pictures of Grimssby. Overall, I love your page!May 23, 2003

Charles S.SultanaI think that your web site is great. Lots of information on location of former stations and uses.May 28, 2003

Steve SharpeHey, I met you out in Hyde Park in March 2003...excellent site!May 31, 2003

Adam RinneThis website is the best! It shows Southwestern and Niagara regions of this prvince. I especially like the Subdivision and station parts of this website because it shows stations in Ontario(Though not all of them). I usually go to this website at least once a day! This website has vital information for any train buff. July 9, 2003

Robert MuellerHave been researching the area for modeling purposes. You site is loaded with helpfull information. Thank you.December 24, 2003