GUEST BOOK entries from 2001

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Michel CormierVery nice website. I'm new at this and have visited many rail related web sites, and yours is one of the better sites I have seen.January 10, 2001

JamesYou have a lot of photos on your site, and they are nice to look at. However, the descriptions were rather vague, and not being from around the immediate area, I didn't understand much of it. As well, the photo pages were not organized at all; all I saw was random photos, which made it difficult to search for a particular subject. A good start and idea, but some areas could use some fine tuning.February 8, 2001

Jay JamesNice Web Page. Tells you a lot of things.March 15, 2001

David SchaibleDo you have any info on the line that runs by the Casino Niagara (about a block upthe hill? I was there, for the first time last October, and saw two nocturnal CP trains, is this their track or do they have rights? What is the train fequency (and name) of this line? Any info would be appreciated as I'm planning on visiting again in May, thank you.March 16, 2001

Richard DiltsIt's a treat to see that there are some who take an interest in the past. A real nice web-page. I'll be visiting it often.April 29, 2001

Andrew MacIntoshI want to say that your work is wonderful. I love TRains form all over the world. I wish you all the best! October 13, 2001

Doug WilsonVery thorough and comprehensive. Appreciate your dedication especially to the changes in Niagara. The maps and photos are current and spectacular. My specific interest in the renewal of the CASO property.October 23, 2001