GUEST BOOK entries from 2000

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Gary HersemeyerLove your web page! Fascinating! What interests me the most about rails in the Niagara Region are the remnant sections of line where the rails still run down the street. Sadly there is no more street running in St. Catharines or Oshawa but I believe there is still some in Thorold and perhaps Welland. Can you tell me where one would find this trackage, if it is still in use and if it has a chance of surviving.Thanks very much! Keep up the excellent work!January 1, 2000

Chuck HinrichsThanks for making the reporting marks list available.January 29, 2000

Paul: Great page. I've been a CN Signals & Communications maintainer for about 23 years now,and have never seen a page this well laid out. For the newcomers, though, perhaps if you could put some descriptions of the many abbreviations you use on here, such as OCS (Occupancy Control System), CTC (Centralized Traffic Control), etc...February 16, 2000

Jym PhillipsGreat web site and very useful to find as we are planning railfanning trip to your area at the middle of March - keep up the good work.February 26, 2000

James McIntoshHave seen your entries in the CASO news. There is a good article 1964 Oct. Trains Detroit River Tunnel also Aug.& Sept. 1978 Trains great story on the MC Station in Detroit with photos. Will send more info if desired. I rode the Empire State Express through the tunnel many years ago into the Detroit Station. We stood in the back of the last car going through the tunnel. Very interesting. William D. Middelton's book "When The Steam Railroads Electrified" has a good section on the station and tunnel.Hope this helps you. March 15, 2000

Gary YoungI railfan the Boston & Albany and Guilford.May 16, 2000

Rosemary CawthornYou certainly have done an enormous amount of work on your web page.When I visited it, I was impressed with your collection of information on the railroads in this area. June 10, 2000

Jeffrey L. PeckaVery nice site! Try ohs.June 26, 2000

Greg TaftI've been to Windsor, St. Thomas and Niagara for train-watching. You site really helped me out for areas in Niagara as I now live here. The History, Pictures and general site information is excellent. You've done a wonderful job. July 4, 2000

Robert GettyBest page I've seen so far. Keep up the good work. July 18, 2000

Jim Buckman I have just completed a visit to Niagara Falls, Dunnville, and St. Thomas. I was in pursuit of a steam engine (Reading T1 2100) that is stored in the Elgin Museum. Your site corrected some recollections that I had from a visit to Niagara Falls , by train, in 1958. I have some photos taken of the Falls from the tracks next to the Minolta Tower. In 1958 and 1959, I had stayed in Toronto, and rode on some steam excurisions thru Hamilton to Stratford and Orangeville. One was CP and the other, CN. I got to ride in the fireman's seat of a Royal Hudson (the one that is being moved to California from Bath ,PA.)July 21, 2000

Ronald ArmstrongEnjoyed your web site immensely. Completed my electrical apprenticeship with the C.N. in October 1958, and later worked in Fort Erie and Niagara Falls. July 30, 2000

Michael F. HarrisI can't believe the great info you have here. I'll be back a lot.August 3, 2000

Mario A. CauzGod! I could spend hours at this sight. Hey! I did.August 9, 2000

John J. BorzelliPaul: I finally got to sign your book.
Keep up the good work.
September 3, 2000

Walter R. WalshYou put in a lot of work. Its a great site.September 9, 2000

Brian E. WestGreat, informative site. I used to live in St. Catharines, so these pages bring back a lot of memories.October 2, 2000

William J. CoulsonYou have put in many hours to develope you web site...Great.October 6, 2000

Gary MillsGreat site Paul. I remember the Norfolk and Western trains running through Simcoe on the CN Cayuga Sub tracks. I also remember seeing Conrail and I believe some CSX trains on the CASO through Waterford. Keep up the great work. November 7, 2000

Kevin LeddyA great source of information about the railroads in Southern Ontario.December 3, 2000

EricVery nice site, nice photo's, just an all around nice place to be. Going on my links page. Eric.December 13, 2000