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Douglas J. MorganMy wife and I spend a lot of time in Ontrario (we live outside of Rochester, New York) and now we will have a lot more to look for when we visit you! Great Page! January 5, 1998

L. W. van DykC. N. R. employee, transportationJanuary 7, 1998


Bill SandsI enjoyed your page very much Paul , I would like to see some steam locomotive pictures though. I was a CNR fireman during the last ten years of steam and fired trains 436 & 435 to Fort Erie and back many times catching it off of the spare board out of Hamilton and held it as a regular job for a short time in the summer of 1956 . I will never forget staying at the railway YMCA at Fort Erie!!! I now model in one inch scale with about 700 ft. of track in the back yard. I also operate the steam locomotive on the all volunteer 15 inch gauge Heritage Railway in North Bay Ontario, along with other former railroaders. I must say that we do enjoy the smell of coal smoke and valve oil again. We also run an f-3 unit. You have created a great page and I will continue to visit it from time to time. Best of luck, Bill. January 16, 1998

MartyGreat job on the website. I live in the area and I'm really excited to see the great coverage of familiar locations. You can bet I'll be back many times to see the updates. Thanks for all the hard work.January 27, 1998

Michael ChristieVery nice page! I visit the Niagara area about once a year. I will remember your page the next time I visit.February 6, 1998

Sam WellsI thoroughly enjoyed your well thought out history of the railways of the Niagara Region and your links. Even though I have lived in Niagara all my life, I learned more than I ever knew (especially about the Welland Railways). Excellent work.February 14, 1998

Bob TurnerFound this web site in a roundabout way thru TRAINS magazine. Retired in 1986 after nearly 40 years with Canadian Pacific, from telegraph operator to train dispatcher to chief dispatcher to traffic supervisor in our operations center in Montreal. Now live in Toronto area and am really pleased to find a web page of so much interest so close to where I live. Keep up the good work!February 19, 1998

Rob HarperYou have lots of neat stuff here. I wish there was a similar page for the railroads in my region;Northeast Washington State. I live right by the tracks of the Palouse River & Coulee City shortline.February 23, 1998

Clyde McMullenI travel into your area, about once a year; therefore your page will certainly assist me in getting the most Railfanning for my time. I will definitely be revisiting your site, many, many times.February 27, 1998

Duncan RichardsSo that's where all that maze of track goes.....March 1, 1998

Carmine BorzelliI'll be visiting you early and often. Please feel free to E-Mail back any time.March 1, 1998

Richard FischperaSpend a lot of time taking pictures in the Rochester, Buffalo NY. If your are a Ham Radio operator or have a scanner the local Rochester NY Railfans hold a Railnet every Thursday night from 7-8pm longer if necessary. The freq. is as follows 145.290 with a neg. offset. My call sign is KB2TAN. All Ham Railfans are welcomed. If you can listen in we have a special phone number you call call for your questions. Thanks.March 12, 1998

Ron JohnstonGreat Page Paul, I was very interested in the demolition of Bridge 20 as I was a Bridge Operator there for the last five years of it's operation. I was also a Bridge Operator on Bridge 10 from 1978 to 1997 (except the 5 years on bridge 20). Demolition on Bridge 10 began January 1998 and is almost complete as of today's date March 22 ,1998. I was also a bridgeman on the M.O.W. working out of the B&B shop on Welland Ave. St.Catharines. It was torn down a couple of years ago and a Tim Hortons was built on the property last year. Prior to it being a B&B shop, it was the NS&T power house. Thanks for the memories!!!!!!March 22, 1998


Doug LawsonGreat web-site, interesting and informative. Would like to find more info about the Wabash Railroad operations in southern Ontario many years ago.March 26, 1998

John Hanson, Jr.First time at site, will be back again.April 3, 1998

Norm SchultzeAn interesting tour of an area I haven't visited in a decade. Next time, a download will make the trip more productive.April 10, 1998

A.SimardCongratulations and very good site....April 18, 1998

Bob LayfieldEnjoyed your site very much. I will be back again. It is really great to see all this great Canadian content thank very much for sharing it with me.I am the proud owner of 2 motor cars 1 mt19 ex CN and 1 m19 ex CP.April 30, 1998

Rich GosselinI live about 175 yards directly east of MP 19.7 on the GTW Holly sub, so CN / GTW is a big part of my life. It's also the road I model in N Scale. Now, with the new IC purchase/merger, I think things along this line are going to heat up. Great site! Keep up the good work. Too bad someone doesn't have a site like this for GTW! Hmmm...maybe someday I'll have to take that up! May 3, 1998

A.L. Goodman IIIYour coverage of this derailment was excelent!!! I only wish more people did as good a job as you do, in fact, I wish I could do as good a job as your did here!!! This is an excellent site, and I will try to keep an eye on it.May 6, 1998

Bobber GibbsVisit the CNR (Central Niagara Railroaders) HO Model Railroad Club above the Niagara Central Hobbies shop in St Catharines any Monday night, 7-9 pm where we operate a modern double track mainline on the CN Grimsby Sub from Hamilton to Niagara Falls and single track on the CN Stamford Sub. Visitors welcome. Inquiries: (905)685-2000May 10, 1998

Fr. Ken CardwellLiving now in Fort Erie for 13 years & having seen many changes pertaining to the railway scene, and also having spent childhood years in Niagara Falls and a life long passion for the Iron Horse and also the NSC&T, I was delighted to stumble upon the NRRS Web page. I shall make return visits. Keep up the good work.May 20, 1998

James MancusoI think you have a lot of great stuff, to which it would be nice if freight train schedules could be added if obtainable. If you have a line on where such Canadian material as recently outdated working timetables and the like could be obtained, that would greatly add value to an already excellent website. Keep up the good work, Paul.May 23, 1998

DaveHi Paul. I'm a huge conrail fan from Buffalo. This page is awesome. When I come to Canada in the summer, now I know where CN and STL&H have good spots to take pictures. Paul, if you're interested in Conrail e-mail me.May 24, 1998

Patrick MillerReal nice photos!!June 1, 1998

Brian HurdleMy interest in Canadian and US railroads stems from my intense interest in genealogy. One of my ancestors worked for a US railroad that came into Canada on the former Michigan Central RR. In my attempts to learn more about him, I am becoming very intersted in the history aspects of both countries railroads. June 4, 1998

James MancusoI think your site is just great. A few enhancements always make a good thing even better.June 8, 1998

David EplingGreat site, I have a weakness for Shortlines, Here in Stockton California we have 2, (Central California Traction, which I model in N-Scale, and the Stockton Terminal & Eastern), with a 3rd (Sierra Railroad) about 45 minutes away.June 9, 1998

Stan SienickiI am a locomotive engineer for Grand Trunk Western RR in Battle Creek, Mi., and also a railfan. I thought your web page was pretty good keep it up and keep them on the rails.June 9, 1998

Art ThomasThank you for providing it. Although I model the Eastern Prairie Region of the CNR, I still found your page very interesting.June 13, 1998

DaveThis page is really cool. Do any other railroads operate past Casino Niagara?June 13, 1998

Bill SchislerI finally got around to signing the guestbook, Paul.June 21, 1998

Chris DerroGreetings from Sudbury, Ontario. I've been hooked on trains for several months now and it's great to get a perspective of things in YOUR area. Rail traffic here is usually made up of CP Rail, CN, and Huron Central. Keep up the good work...I'll be surfing by again really soon!July 4, 1998

DougGreat view, will be back.July 6, 1998

Roland M LynchNow to go and do some serious train research in this site, real good info.July 18, 1998

Grant GarberNice page Paul. I like every page on the site. It is very informative site and will help fellow railfans and railnuts, even people who work for the railway come to this site to.July 20, 1998

Tony HillYour pages are beautifully designed and laid out. However (and this goes under the heading of "You can't please everyone)", I'm interested in where to go to see trains and take pix.If you were to add some text under your picttures detailing where to go to take the shots, I think you'd generate more interest in your pages. Even without that info, though, your pages are certainly professionally done, and I'm envious of your Webauthoring skills.July 20, 1998

Jeff JacobsenWas a former resident of SW Ontario - grew up next to the C&O in Harrow. Thanks for the photos of the CN Caso Sub and what it looks like now. I can remember the Niagara Rainbow flying through Essex every evening. Your photos and information are beneficial for one who has'nt been back to the area for some time. Keep up the good work.July 27, 1998

Greg AttrillSince I found by accident other Niagara area railroad sites. I knew little of railroads in this area. Now I have become quite interested in the Niagara Region of Canada. I hope to visit this area in the future. August 10, 1998

Andrew FiltzLiked your web site, hope to see more.August 11, 1998

J.D. FowlerI enjoyed your site very much. I am CEO of J.D.'s Mobile Services Inc. in Jones, Oklahoma. I specialize in repair and installation of Hyrail systems. Best Regards.August 21, 1998

Glen McDonaldJust stumbled on this while looking at Woodstock, Ontario info but I am a railfan from away back. I am dabbling in H.O. planning a switching layout covering the two main lines in Woodstock and the transfer lines in the late steam/early diesel era when things were green and yellow or maroon. Enjoyed your site very much and will be back.August 29, 1998

Ian CooperGreat job of setting this site up. I will bookmark it and spend more time visiting. Congrats!August 31, 1998

Tom C.You have created a fantastic page. The information and detail here are excellent and I will be checking back often to see what else you have added. Keep up the great work.September 1, 1998

Dan LearnGreat Page. Keep up the good work, the Niagara Region has lots to cover. Lots of information on here.September 4, 1998

Dean ArnoldMessage: Looking forward to returning to the site when I have more time. My wife's family are "40% Canadian" - her great-grandfather homesteaded at Moonstone, Ontario (south of Midland) and we return frequently for family reunions. At least one other cousin is a railfan, and we take the opportunity to sneak away to Washago Junction, Coldwater, etc. when we can. There are five family-owned cottages at Wasaga Beach, from which we can (or could) hear the CN local (now very rare) to Collingwood. Always try to get time for a stop at Bayview Jct. and/or Fort Erie when traveling back and forth, but since it's a 10-hour trip, that's hard to sell! Your site info may help. Rode the South Simcoe Railway last summer - it's recommended - especially if you like to examine derelict equipment (steam!). Keep up the good work, eh? Thanks for your efforts. September 9, 1998

Shane SonnenbergWas born in welland, but now live up north. It is nice to see someone showing others that there is a lot of rail history that took place in the Niagara Reagonin. Looking forward to reading more about it in the future. This is a very informative web site. September 24, 1998

Steve BransfieldI really enjoyed visiting your website. The demolition of Bridge 20 page really grabbed my interest. I would like to see more of these types of pages if possible. We are producers of railroad videos from old 8mm and 16mm films. We have a some great film on the Sidney & Lewisburg (sp?) RR, cica 1960s, that we are looking for a contact who can help us with the historical research. Would you, by any chance, have any suggestions? Thank again for a great site. We will certainly be back again. Best Regards, Steve Bransfield: sales[at]a-and-rproductions. September 27, 1998

John BelfordEnjoyed the page very much. Great job!September 30, 1998

Hugh MarshallI'm an American of Canadian parents who grew up in Southern Ontario. As a kid, I rode many excursion trains, especially out of Fort Erie on the Dunnville sub. I have also spent much time watching trains on the CASO and the CN Cayuga Sub which ran through Simcoe, my mother's home town. It has been a great disapointment to see so much of the track that held so many memories has been ripped up, or is otherwise out of service. Your web site will give me some more information on the east end of these lines, which as time permits, I will further explore. I'm glad I found your web site. Thanks!October 7, 1998

Kris ScirankaGreat page and links to thousands of pictures! I live in the Hamilton area and am presently employed at NATIONAL STEEL CAR LTD. which is what got me interested in model railroads. I'm am currently working on an HO layout and the photos I found through your site have really helped. If I could request anything,it would be more pictures of CN's C44-9's so that I could detail my engines properly. October 18, 1998

Bryan S. McCormickWow! You have developed a site that has everything I could ask for. In fact it is prompting my wife to start planning a trip to Ontario. We live in Richmond, Virginia.October 25, 1998

Clayton PeterVery well done.October 27, 1998

Chris SmidHello, and congratulations on a great site!!! Firstly my name is Chris Smid, and I live in Muskoka, about 2 hours north of Toronto (by rail of course). I am both a active railfan, and a active modeller. I live very near mile 121 of CN's Newmarket sub, so I see Loads of CN freight, lots of ON Passenger, and occasional ON freight service. Though your site is wonderful for a railfan, and for that perpos I have had your Site bookmarked for some time, I am now commending you on your sites usefullness to modelers! I have recently begun construction on my home railroad, which includes not only CN, ON, and CP traffic, but some shortline service from my fictional Toronto and Central Ontario Rry (TCO). I have found your site my PRIMARY reaserch tool for both detailing, painting and building equipment, as well as perfecting my railway realated scenery! A JOB WELL DONE, and thank you!!! November 20, 1998

RobIt's in the Trackside Guide(inside joke, people)November 26, 1998

Curtiss MontgomeryThe trackage maps are especially interesting and useful for railfanning. I would be interested in a little historical coverage of the NSC&T and how vestiges of it are still in use in the region. Also, the CN line from Pt.Colborne to Fort Erie (former Buffalo & Lake Huron, I think) was reputed to have stations or stops at Sherkston and Point Abino (Road) - does anyone have any further information or pictures of these? December 1, 1998

Randy P. NoseworthyThis is my first visit to your fine Web site. I've enjoyed looking around the many interesting features. I've bookmarked your site for return visits. I invite you and your visitors to drop by my Web site, which features text and photos relating to my interest in the railways of Newfoundland. December 5, 1998

Chris FlecknellLove the page still, haven't been here in around a year, but I must say that this is one of the best railfan pages on the internet. and the best part is that I live right around the corner from the area.December 14, 1998

Elsie GrahamHi Paul...Happy 3rd Anniversary on your Niagara Regional Rail Spur web site! I know many people are enjoying all the effort you put into this. Keep up the good work! December 15, 1998

Jerry "O.J." FoisyGlad to hear that there is somebody else out that enjoys trains as much as I do. I'm a retired conductor off the CNR from Sarnia Ontario. Just surfin the Net when I came across your page. Great stuff ! Keep up the good work. Enjoy the new year. December 21, 1998

James MancusoThis is a great site for covering railroads in the area.I have noticed some improvements over the last time I stopped by. I am just getting started on mine, at least the text portion any way. At least I have one started. Yours sets the standard for which to aim. At least you are playing with more of a full deck than some of the other guys with websites.December 22, 1998

Richard P. MusgroveGreat site. I will never see the area in person. I am in south Alabama.December 30, 1998