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Larry WilsonI'm from Toronto, living in Dominican Republic. Rode on cn6218 from TO to NF during railfan trip in the 60s. In the cab. Wow! Knew 6167 as well, from Kingston-Belleville railway events of a few years earlier in the 60s. I remember Union Station Toronto being dead empty at morning rush for a few days due a strike. My handle/sig is TrainMaster...stuck in a trainless country in Run-idle. Modeling a little and going to Dan Dawdy's page to read Bryce Lee's news from the old country. Glad to have found your pages in the rail newsgroup! Keep up the good, and high quality, work! LarryMarch 17, 1996

Niagara Regional Rail SpurWelcome to the Niagara Regional Rail Spur Guest Book! Please take the time to sign it since you're here!March 20, 1996

J. G. LongoI work as a ---------------.
I was interested in rails on the web.
March 20, 1996

Jeff GodinGreat page Paul! Your photography work is excellent -- and extensive! Keep up the good work.March 21, 1996

Jeff SumbergNice page. Good photography. I'd like to invite you and anyone else to take a look at my rail pages at Keep up the good work.March 24, 1996

Bryan BillerExcellent!! Terrific!! Beautiful!! Can't say enough nice about your page. It is a real treat. I enjoyed the picture page and liked the fact that you present small thumbnail size images for faster viewing. Would like to see link to larger image however. March 28, 1996

Bill NixonYou did lots of work, but it was worth it. Nice work!March 29, 1996

Craig R. KutisThank you for keeping a little more railroad history alive and for sharing it with us.March 29, 1996

David CassimIt's good to see a page devoted to an interesting, and often overlooked region.April 3, 1996

Mark LanctotGreat page! Nice layout and images. The entire site had enough icons and images to be visually interesting, but not so much as to slow down loading the page. Good job, you must have done a lot of work.April 5, 1996

Scott FalkLooks great, keep up the good work.April 8, 1996

Kirby LindsayI'm from Ajax,ON and work for CN as a signal maintainer.I have taken a "few" pictures of train operations in the Niagara Peninsula(Canfield Jct. ,Ft. Erie -C&O ,mid-70's steam excursion with CP 1057 on the CASO ,etc.)It's a great area to train-watch. I try to get there whenever I can.Keep up the great work on your site!April 10, 1996

Ernest LoiselleExcellent Page Paul, Keep up the good work. I work for the St Lawrence & Hudson Railway (Formerly CP Rail)in Hamilton and the yards at Welland (Wainfleet) and Niagara Falls are part of my territory. It's nice to se some of the terminal in its former glory.April 25, 1996

Bill GillfillanGood page!April 29, 1996

Len TurpleA fine page. Keep up the good work. Len from Saskatoon.May 1, 1996

Chris ThompsonVery interested in those MK5000c waves that you have!!! Also any waves of loco startup you may have. Thank you.May 3, 1996


Chris MawdsleyI just found your page, and it's already time to get off the 'net. You can bet I'll be back. You have a well-presented and informative site here. I will add a link to it on my site when I edit it next.May 6, 1996

Rick WilsonHello from Calgary. Your site provides a great deal of Rail information. Thanks.May 26, 1996

Emil SadokI just want to say that you have done an excellent job on constantly maintaining your page. I find most informative and ensightful. As I enjoy railroading in Southern and South western Ontario. Good job.May 28, 1996

Mark JacksonLooking good. Hope you get more pictures soon.May 30, 1996

Elsie GrahamWhat a nice surprise! I worked for the Canadian National Railways for 40 years at Welland & Port Robinson. Have a lot of pictures.June 10, 1996

William E. MillerI'm visitor number 3000, do I get a prize? Great site. I am working up my own home page but it will never be as good as this one. Nice work.June 13, 1996

Joseph CavinatoNice job. I spent many summers in Port Colborne visiting relatives in the 1950s. That was a town with steam, electric, and lots of activity at the nickel, cement, steel and flour plants.June 14, 1996

Philip SwitzerI really enjoy you pictures! I would like to see some old ones from the sixties and seventies. Thanks, PhilipJune 21, 1996

Ron TaylorI work on CN out of Niagara Falls and was a friend of Mitch's as I work with in the Carload Centre in Fort Erie before I transfered to the running trades. Now work as the 2200 Yardmaster.June 25, 1996

Allan MacDonaldNicely done web page. It's nice to see some pages from Canada. Some of the things brought back memories of my youth years living in Ontario in the 50's. I visited Welland Canal once back then.July 2, 1996

Dale RothertHello, I hope to return to the page when I have a bit more time to browse. My wife and I go through the Niagara Region at least once a year on our visit(s) to Canada.July 11, 1996

Tony DeSantisNice Page ! Have lots of info on TH&B including material from the compnay and lots of Photos' . Might start an TH&B hompage. Would be glad to share what I can with nay th&b, NYC or MCRR fan.July 14, 1996

Andri RochonYour page is very interesting for a CN fan like myself. Keep up the good work!July 15, 1996

Robert.C.LawrenceI have fond memories of the Niagara Region as I have very close freinds living in Mont Hope Ontario. So I've spent many days (back in the 70's checking out the TH&B, CN etc. Regards Bob Lawrence.July 19, 1996

Chuck GedeyEnjoyed visiting your page. I live in Sudbury, Ont. and there is still lots of railroading here both CP & CN. I am restarting my model railroad hobby in HO scale after 17 years and will incorporate both CP & CN lines. My wife and kids really enjoy photographing trains and chasing them using scanners etc. Can't get enough of them.July 31, 1996

Lorne RoachI have a brother who has always been a emphatic train buff and I now know I must pressure him into getting into PC and in particular logging on to your fantastic and well presented page. Keep up the good work.August 12, 1996

Dave RoachNice looking page!! Good job, keep up the good work!August 15, 1996

Jim DentOne of the best. When "they" start rating the rail-related sitesAugust 15, 1996

Bruce WilsonFirst visit on August 24, 1996. It will not be the last! Great site. How about your Windsor contact getting some pictures of the Essex Terminal?August 24, 1996

Isla KubeaThis has been the best train page i have seen so far keep up the good work!August 27, 1996

K.J. (Ken) SquiresExcellent resource for us train-nuts. Made several new finds using you links. Thanks and keep up the good work.September 3, 1996

Mark Tomkiewicznice page. excellent photos.September 6, 1996

Brian DuncanHey Paul guess who finally found your page ? If I ever need a home page I know who to contact.Keep up the good work.September 25, 1996

Bryan MartyniukI really enjoyed your home page and the information and pictures associated with it. It is a challenge... keep up the page and keep it current.October 17, 1996

Bill FreethGreat work! I'm always looking for CN info.October 22, 1996

SteveI like your page....I thought I was the only guy interested in railways in the pennisula, until now. I drive a truck to Welland at night and I often spot CP trains on the old TH&B main at hwy 20, RR24, and Webber road. (where No. 71 was wrecked.) I also see them waiting on the passing track in Smithville occasionally. One of these days I'm going to take my camera out and take some shots. Thanks for the info!October 22, 1996

Michel MailhotNice work! Will have to come more often to this site...October 23, 1996

Mike EdwardsFantastic Home Page, Your a Railfan in the most complete since of the word!November 2, 1996

Randy HindI really enjoyed your web page. Looking forward to more. My interest is in abandoned, or unused Railroad Lines, or even better, a old Railroad Yard, in Central or maybe Southern Ontario area. I am always interested in talking to other rail fans about thier collection. I warn you, I ask lots of QUESTIONS. Would like to here from anyone who has some EXTRA CASH to INVEST in collecting VERY, VERY LARGE railroad items. (here is a hint, steam choo choo) Anyone else like this idea?? Lets talk.November 4, 1996

Chris McKinnonI live in Penticton B.C. but I model the havelock sub. Does anyone out there have any relevent information?November 22, 1996

Chris FlecknellLove the work, the most USEFULL info I've seen yet for ANY area... Keep up the good work!November 24, 1996

Bill TobeyStumbled into your page while looking for info on steamship Cayuga that ran between Queenston and Toronto when I was a kid in the 40's and 50's. Great page, I'll be back! Love steam trains everywhere.November 25, 1996

Graham StockfeldYour site is great, I have a long way to go with mine!November 26, 1996

Stan FeldmanThis is a great page with top notch photography. I enjoyed my visit very much. I invite you to visit my home page at 3, 1996

Al Kaplan Great home page. I am a model railroader and am interested in pictures of TH&B diesels. Anyone have pictures of their livery? I have never seen one and would like to model one.December 11, 1996

Don CrawfordGreat site.... even better images. Keep up the good work!!December 14, 1996

Fred W SchaeferHome sick today, came apon your Home page. Very nice, keep it updated, will look in often. Will also use your "Hot Spots Map" when I'm in the Buffalo-Niagara area next visit.December 16, 1996

Dennis CarpenterMet you in our bookstore (The Bookfinder) in Fenelon Falls and have just come looking for your page. As a rail buff with a particular interest in British railways will look forward to your photos on that topic. Keep up the very good work.December 21, 1996

Albert MatzelleKeep up the excellent work. The pictures are teriffic.December 27, 1996

Dale GloerGood looking page. I was visitor number 8 to your new picture pages.December 30, 1996

Terry WolfeA lot of the pictures brought back a lot of memories. I grew up in southern Ontario and did most of my rail-fanning in the 60's and 70's. But now I suppose most of the row that I remembered is now gone or , by your pictures is going. Great Site !!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!December 30, 1996