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Veikko KuronenI used to live on Rose Ave Welland in 1954-65, at Stop 19 trolley stop from Thorold to Port Colborne, just off Thorold Rd, interested in any photos, sketch, details of the trolley line, single car, self-powered 1 conductor, cost about $0.10 to go to downtown WellandJanuary 15, 2016

Ted DinniwellI took a picture of the train station at Clavering,ont. about 1950. My grandparents lived just down the road from it.February 16, 2016

Paul ArthurGood stuff Paul. I grew up in Norfolk VA watching the old steam articulated's of Norfolk and Western, now Norfolk Southern roll into the coal yards from West Virginia.Then as saw the first diesel. Now at 77 still enjoy the thrill of railroading via msts train sim. Thanks for the site and the history around your area.March 4, 2016