Within my railroad papers that I had put away over the years, I came across 3 different copies of this site when it was formerly the 'Niagara Regional Rail Spur' in its' early development in 1996.
     As you may know was originally known as the Niagara Regional Rail Spur from 1995 to 2003. It has been hosted at several locations, moving from ISP to ISP.
     In the very early days, the Niagara Regional Rail Spur was able to fit onto two 3.5" floppy disks.
     Below are scanned copies of what this site looked like in January, April and May of 1996.
     In 1997 I boked to FRAMES and kept that until 2002 when I moved to SSI programming to removed the FRAMES.
     Then in December 2007, my friend Jeff re-wrote the site's display. never may even remember visiting this site back then!!! *-)

January 11, 1996
April 05, 1996
May 08, 1996


In 1997, the page logo said
'The Niagara Regional Rail Spur'
December 9, 2007